BURN CANDLES WITH CARE AND AT YOUR OWN RISK. Read and follow these safety guidelines. Do not leave burning candle unattended. Burn only in well ventilated, heat resistant candle holders made of glass, ceramic or other non-flammable materials. Burn only on heat resistant surfaces. Do not handle or move candle while it is burning, or while wax is in a liquid state. Trim, wick to 1/4 inch before lighting or relighting. Do not allow trimmings or other foreign materials to remain in or on the candle. Keep candle out of direct drafts. Extinguish candle immediately after use, and allow to cool completely before touching. Keep out of reach of children. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE; MAKE SURE THERE IS A MINIMUM OF 1 3/16 INCHES BETWEEN FLAME AND TOP OF CONTAINER.

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